The ecosystem is designed as a decentralized reliable media open. It consists of several layers abstracted from each other. At the core is the, that primarily holds information on mined and transferred tokens, content metadata, and content availability in distributed storage, and content popularity. particularly supports content publishing/distribution and fair wealth distribution; it is designed for flexible business logic implementation.

The Distributed Storage operates on top of; all the files as a whole are stored on and served from the Distributed Storage.

More complex is the, which involves central components operating directly on layer, core web components building the state relational database, as well as the actual channel web server that makes the channel website, https:// which implements the desired business logic. – repository is the core component that includes -, distributed storage layer implementations and important endpoints that the Channel operates with.

The document describes how to build the node from source. The main product from this repository is the purblind executable.

The covers more details on how to run the purblind – node, for different wiki page describes how to run a storage node for testnet.This is the same executable configured in a special way to copy files to its own storage, and be a storage server. It is a Channel duty to analyze storage nodes’ activity information and redirect file requests to storage nodes. wiki page of repository describes details how to configure Channel core components with executable.

These define endpoints that are configured for use by channel web components. In particular

The endpoint is serving the action log to state component that maintains the relational database .

The Broadcast node endpoint is used by channel back-end to broadcast any transactions to network.

The Channel node endpoint is used, again by channel back-end, to upload files to Channel node storage or to report statistics.

The Channel node storage endpoints to serve files over http or https protocol.And the Storage Order Token Generator endpoint. This is a small utility that is responsible for creating authorization tokens for storage nodes. Web The next core component of Channel layer is the State and Backend. is the repository responsible for this. The describes how to setup and configure this component. In particular, it also covers the endpoints from above list. The configuration variables rely on couple external components – the Oath, and the Language Detection services. The Oath configuration default value refers to a working setup. And the language detection service will be explained later, for now it can be left empty as it is not essential for State and Backend. Configured croon jobs will build a My full information about the network state.

An important result of this configuration will be a hosted by some address. For example this will be referenced from Frontend configuration below, called a Backend.

Web Frontend a sample channel interface. It is intended to be just an example, and will vary greatly depending on a given channel business logic and architecture. The frontend is configured to work with backend using the files in -demo/projects/publishing-platform-src/environments. More details are available in jobservicebd.comThe user facing result of this configuration will be the website, for example with such url https://


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Digital Marketing 

By Md,Ruhul Amin Chowdhury ,March 17 ,2020

Well-come to digital marketing, there is always more to learn. New technology and changing trends mean that if you do not make an effort to regularly do research, you will be at constant risk of falling behind. a number of great digital marketing blogs stay on top of the most important digital marketing news and trends you should be aware of. Add these to your list of subscriptions.


Content marketing has quickly become one of the most popular topics in the digital marketing world. The Content Marketing Institute was one of the first companies to start touting the value of content in digital marketing trends and best practices.


Hub is known in the industry as one of the best content creators out there. While the blog has a focus on inbound marketing the content covers a wide range of topics relevant to marketers beyond inbound, from customer service to hiring good talent.


 Convince blog covers a broad array of digital marketing topics. Their posts provide tips for digital marketing, thought leadership posts on where the industry is going, and examples of good marketing .


Blogger’s also places a big emphasis on content marketing, as well as all other forms of copy businesses use to build relationships and sell products. For writers especially.


CHOWDHURY Grow blog has been providing useful information on digital marketing and technology for years, occasionally venturing into controversial territory .The blog includes a mix of general marketing advice . BLOG primarily focuses on social media advice and research, while occasionally venturing into broader topics relevant to marketers, like design tips and useful marketing tools.

topics like social media.


The Moz blog is one of the best sources available for learning about SEO trends, studies and best practices. Their content dives deep enough to be useful to seasoned veterans of SEO


SM has long been a challenge for brands to do well. Social Media provides studies on what works and detailed tutorials on using social media effectively. this is a good resource .


The marketing you do is designed to get people to the point where your conversion optimization efforts can do their job. and research on how to take your prospects .


Good marketing depends on good planning. On that topic, the Schedule blog has you covered. Their posts mostly cover blogging and social media advice.


 Conversion  blog is packed with posts about tracking the success of your marketing efforts and using your analytics to improve conversions. Their posts are well researched


The Group blog is all about influencer marketing, covering tips on how to do it well, the main influencers to look to in different industries.


Digital Marketer blog says what it does right there in the name. You can find posts about different facets of digital marketing, including copywriting, content marketing and social media marketing


MD AMIN blog about growing an online business, Social doesn’t have marketers as its primary target audience nonetheless it’s a good blog for marketers to follow.


Primarily Social Media Explorer focuses primarily on social media, but sometimes covers additional topics related to digital marketing and technology like influencer marketing and virtual reality marketing.


Business 2 Business is a general business publication that includes a lot of valuable content about digital marketing. There’s a whole section on “Digital and Social” email marketing .


Content marketing has had time to get a good picture of what works and he shares his insights on The Sales blog. With written posts and podcasts intermixed on the blog.


 Search Engine Journal is an online publication that goes deep into the subject of search engine marketing. They cover updates to search engine algorithms, tips for pay-per-click marketing.

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