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 Global e-Service is a system that consolidates all information that a “Digital Service ” needs to maintain the highest-level performance and quality during its “life time.” For a human being, it would be the equivalent of a “Digital Service Provider.” Proper Service control for a “Digital Service” prevents the onset of requirement. Furthermore, in the event a problem does develop, we will provide the necessary information so that appropriate measures can be taken. To realize this, it is important to keep Digital Service records. These records allow us to accurately determine

“what the necessary next step is.” We feel that by utilizing Global e-Service in such way, we would be able to transform the current service business from one that mandates “waiting” to one that “provides.” Furthermore, by achieving “lifelong”“product” performance and quality, we would be able to ensure customer satisfaction and connect it to increased profitability of the service


The above recommended requirements are to be set up by each company at its own expense. The use of Global e-Service in an environment other than the above is not approved, and we are unable to respond to any inquiries in such circumstances.  .

Global e-Service General Description of Categories The applications of the Global e-Service are grouped into the following general categories. The menu for display varies according to the role and contract contents of the company, user’s professional title and such. News lets you view the news that is registered on Global e-Service.

Important function that manages your account information. Keep your mail address up to date as it is used as a communication-means for any applications, change procedures or notifications. The telephone and FAX numbers are used if mail communication fails “job type.” Select the language for the system, including the Global eService menu. When you log in, the system will be displayed in the selected language.

Click the application name to display it on another screen. Two applications can be run at the same time. For example, you can study the fault diagnosis and at the same time, check the technical information and such. Machine Search If you already know the model code and serial number when you wish to use M-Find, it is possible to search directly from the menu screen.

Global e-Service application has its own usage-objective, but their screen designs and operations are the same. Save time by mastering one application to use the others. Application icon and colors at the top left of the screen, you will find the original icon a of the application that is running. This icon tells you which application is running. Click the icon of a particular application to display its opening screen. All of the applications have inherited the colors in the Global e-Service menu.

Global e-Service One-time Sign-on and Application Interaction Simply log in once and be able to use all the Global e-Service applications. In addition to running the individual applications from the menu, the applications can be linked to each other. For example, the M-Find screen displays the links to the other applications.

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